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Chief Executive Officer $31mm Managed Services Company

  1.  “Conexus changed our customer and partner business systems and increased our company’s annualized gross operating profit by forty percent.  Their experienced team not only created the recommendations, they created a measurement system to track performance and stood with us through the implementation to ensure the results were achieved”

Program Management Office $6.7 Billion Dollar Information Management Company 

"Conexus helped salvage Salesforce global implementation after three separate false starts. Unlike their predecessors, they assessed the sales methodology process and implemented the system in a turnkey manner versus the highly custom approach initially undertaken. The process was faster far less expensive and left us with no technical debt as we continue to bring on new business lines." 

Chief Financial Officer $25mm Consumer Goods Company/Cosmetics 

  1. “We engaged Conexus to find a replacement system to our Enterprise Resource Planning System. After two months of analysis, Conexus determined that our incumbent vendor had the modules necessary to meet our business requirements. Their proposal clearly stated we could extract significantly more value from our current investment.  We elected to engage Conexus to design the business processes and program manage the implementation of the workflow and content management modules of our supplier. Conexus saved our organization over $2mm in capital investment should we have continued down our initial path. Our customers, management and employees are ecstatic about our ‘new system’.“

Chief Financial Officer $200mm Commodities Trading and Transport Company 

 “Conexus helped formalize our delivery system requirements and an implementation plan for our organization. As a new company, it was extremely helpful to rely on their participation and expertise in areas where we could not build internal expertise fast enough.  They used a modification of their formal methodology to help us implement our systems in a four month period. After a year in production, we are now well on our way to achieving our $500mm target in the next thirty six months.”

Chief Information Officer $1.8 Billion REIT

  1. Conexus provided us with superior managerial and technical resources on multiple concurrent projects within our organization. Conexus invested their time to clearly understand our requirements. They are not of the mind set to focus on billable hours as we have seen from several of our larger partners. Their goals were more in line with our goals. Get it right; from requirements through delivery. Their junior resource had over 15 years of deep domain expertise.  Conexus was not the low cost alternative, however, we estimate their approach and program management saved our organization over $1mm over the past 12 months.”

Chief Executive of $5.0mm Analytics Software Company 

“These folks were great. Senior executives with many years under their belt spent a tremendous amount of their own time reviewing our business plan. Our goal is to accelerate our growth.  Their goal was to help validate our assumptions as well as ascertain our ability to achieve our results. After several grueling sessions, it became apparent to us that our capital formation was insufficient for us to achieve our goals.  We are now modifying our approach and are looking to secure a B round of financing. Quantify the results? I am not sure. I know they saved us countless hours, provided us invaluable experience through consultation and have taken the initiative to place us in front of several potential investors. Like I said before, these folks were great”.

Chief Operating Officer Publicly Traded Software Company

“Conexus placed an entire management system into our service center organization. This business system provided the foundation for us to increase our revenue by 45% while decreasing our costs by 30% over a two year period.  The key to our overall success was the accompanying measurement system which told us which recommendations were working. At the same time, because we had a plan that was working, our team got on board and our customer satisfaction rose by 60%. Conexus knew what they were doing and were committed to our success both emotionally and financially”. 

VP Software & Project Planning $1.0 Billion Software Company

“Our company had been growing like a weed for years – completely out of control.  The first project the Conexus consultant did was to create an organization chart with cross-organizational relationships from our raw Human Resource data.  The head of our HR organization burst into tears when she saw it. She realized that she could now get a voice in data-driven negotiations.  The next project was to drive global compliance in employee time and attendance from 41% to 97% within four months with NO complaints.  This allowed us to implement a new project tracking system, and thus finally get a handle on our business.”