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“Our company had been growing like a weed for years – completely out of control. The first project the Conexus consultant did was to create an organization chart with cross-organizational relationships from our raw Human Resource data. The head of our HR organization burst into tears when she saw it. She realized that she could now get a voice in data-driven negotiations. The next project was to drive global compliance in employee time and attendance from 41% to 97% within four months with NO complaints. This allowed us to implement a new project tracking system, and thus finally get a handle on our business.”
VP Planning
$1bn Public Software Company



Information Technology

In a dynamic market, an organization’s ability to adapt and capture market share is directly related to its information infrastructure’s ability to be flexible and nimble. IT organizations must blend and be an integral part of the business to be able to respond to changes in the business. This adaptability to new products, processes or regulations is based on a technology platform that supports and enhances the business starting with customer and employee-facing applications which integrate to back end and external third party/vendor systems thru a secure, stable, and flexible infrastructure.

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