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“These folks were great. Senior executives with many years under their belt spent a tremendous amount of their own time reviewing our business plan. Our goal is to accelerate our growth. Their goal was to help validate our assumptions as well as ascertain our ability to achieve our results. After several grueling sessions, it became apparent to us that our capital formation was insufficient for us to achieve our goals. We are now modifying our approach and are looking to secure a B round of financing. Quantify the results? I am not sure. I know they saved us countless hours, provided us invaluable experience through consultation and have taken the initiative to place us in front of several potential investors. Like I said before, these folks were great”.
Chief Executive Officer
$3mm Software Company


Financial Management

In an up or down market, prudent financial management is always a best practice. We will work with you to develop the criteria that help you decide where your next investment dollar is spent in alignment to your organizational goals.

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